Some examples of previous work...

Information in depth. Here there are several levels of information. There is not too much content on the home page, which can be counter productive. Information about the various groups follows a clear hierarchy, and navigation is kept simple. The site is database driven, meaning that much content can be built up and searched by authorized users, independant of page design. There is plentiful use of pictures to reinforce the text.

A responsive site (content changes according to screen size). The look has been designed to be uncluttered, while keeping the colour scheme and font of Stuart's existing artwork. This means the website compliments existing brand awareness and customer loyalty, and not in competition with it.

The use of AJAX within the home page enables a fast change of some of the content without the 'clunky' feel of a page reload.

Working to a design provided by another designer, this site utilizes resposive design, meaning the layout adjusts itself to suit the device being used to view it. There is also a custom-built, sophisticated 'back end', which allows changes to be made to the body of the pages and diary events managed by the owner, all the while actively working to increase loading speed. A random selection of customer testimonials is displayed from a database.

A logical addition to the brochure site, this ecommerce section is effectively a seperate site, integrated to complement the appearance of the original, as well as direct traffic towards the original to promote the service aspecs of the business.

Holiday accommodation, with a little depth and background information. The client was very involved with developing content and style, while functionality, search engine submission, email setup, domain registration, and statistical tracking were all taken care of - included as standard.

An eyecatching site in which pictures quickly convey the same information as many words. The use of many pictures and some tasteful effects seek to whet the appetite of the site-visitor without being out of keeping with the tranquil mood of the client's business.

An info site with facility to sell tickets online. The dark feel and palette reflect the dark nature of the play being promoted. The style, font and content also compliment the printed advertising material, helping to build brand identity.

A simple and accessable info-site, which presents content in few layers. The small number of links allowed a horizontal menu to be used, which means that more page width can be used for the main content. Contacting the individual members is done via a form rather than directly giving an email address, which looks efficient, can reduce the amount of 'spam' received, and does not depend on the visitor having an email client set up.